In every area of human endeavour there comes a time when things completely evolve. When an entirely new set of principles and technologies emerge that suddenly change everything.

Such a breath-taking change occurred in the fashion world when Coco Chanel appeared. What used to be simple ‘couture’ or needlework, suddenly became ‘haute couture’ and high fashion as we understand it today, was born. Seemingly overnight, there was electricity, an excitement and an elegance that liberated women from the stiff, uncomfortable Victorian Age.

There probably were dress designers before Coco Chanel, but today, no-one remembers who they were or what they did.

Finally, the same kind of game-changing evolution has come to the luxury branding industry. Grace & Garbo are now introducing the art and the science of Eleganceering - and nothing will ever be the same again.

The history of luxury lifestyle branding begins now. Everything that came before is suddenly unimportant. Everything that came before is suddenly unimportant.

Rahma Himid, the founder of Grace & Garbo, and the creator of ELEGANCEERING, worked for many years in top lifestyle branding companies. She learned and practiced and improved upon virtually every aspect of the branding process, to bring order to what has always been a chaotic business. Her ultimate quest - to ensure that every client would have access to a set of proven techniques and technologies to provide maximum focus and enhancement for their brands.

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The result is Eleganceering. An entire field of disparate specialties sculpted into one elegant and powerful discipline to take the guesswork out of branding.

Welcome to Grace & Garbo Eleganceers.

The new synonym for style.


Corporate Social Responsibility forms an integral part of Grace & Garbo. It is a discipline of on-going generosity which is encouraged throughout our own company, our client's companies and all of our campaigns.