The Birth of Eleganceer

After years of building many brands and personalities into household names in the heady world of high end luxury branding, Grace & Garbo has finally focused its laser-like attention and proven expertise onto its own brand.
To put the magic into words, Rahma Himid, G&G’s stylish founder, has created the term Eleganceers, to define who Grace & Garbo are, and how they combine 1920’s sumptuous glam with today’s fast paced high tech chic to create the sorcery that has been propelling client brands into the stratosphere.
"The term 'Eleganceers' says it all. If we have to explain it, you'll never understand"

Says Rahma

Grace & Garbo and its Eleganceers create Bespoke Campaigns for emerging companies, brands and individuals and, over time, build them, step by step, into a Class of One.

Grace & Garbo’s Bespoke Campaigns work within the unique disciplines of Eleganceering and utilize in house G&G departments like Media Liaison (Classic PR) and Miracle Management, (Event Organization) to create a smooth new road to branding success.

The Birth of Eleganceer Image
Corporate Social Responsibility forms an integral part of Grace & Garbo. It is a discipline of on-going generosity which is encouraged throughout our own company, our client's companies and all of our campaigns.