The Mission

To apply the practical science of elegance to every client, every brand and every project. To provide a personal team of Grace & Garbo Eleganceers who will create an overall bespoke campaign and meticulously engineer each and every brand into a Class of One. To boldly take each brand to a level of success, where few luxury brands have ever been before.


The Vision

To share, to promote and to apply the principles of Eleganceering, world wide, in order to let every man, woman and child enjoy a more elegant lifestyle. Thereby benefiting every individual, every corporation and, ultimately, the entire planet, itself.

The Integrity

There is always a refreshing simplicity to elegance. Yet it never occurs by accident. Even in nature, a great deal of practical science and technology is required to engineer that simplicity. Grace & Garbo will concentrate on each and every seemingly insignificant detail in order to ensure that the Eleganceering of your brand will appear to be easily and seamlessly achieved as if it happened in nature.

The Disciplines

In the logical, practical world of engineering, a solution is considered elegant if it solves multiple problems at once, especially problems not thought to be inter-related

Grace & Garbo' s unique Eleganceering provides just that kind of elegant engineering solution bringing together all the seemingly separate aspects of lifestyle branding under one roof. The exquisite roof of Grace & Garbo

The Bespoke Campaign
Our Big Picture Department at Grace & Garbo will assign a team of Senior Eleganceers to carefully custom tailor a fully integrated, multi Media, multi-directional campaign to your specific needs. Suddenly, your brand will be clothed and appear everywhere, in a stylish new form fitting manner which will generate the exact kind of attention you need.

Your Bespoke Campaign could involve all of the following:

Media Liaison
Miracle Management

The Bespoke Campaign
Corporate Social Responsibility forms an integral part of Grace & Garbo. It is a discipline of on-going generosity which is encouraged throughout our own company, our client's companies and all of our campaigns.