Media Liaison

Our exclusive Public Relations Emporio, the strong foundation of Grace & Garbo, is part of a vast network which includes thousands of associates, partners and contacts in every corner of the world.

Our Eleganceers will show you how to immediately take advantage of that network, to emerge into the spotlight, triumphant, and get your carefully crafted message out to the specific opinion makers who need to hear it. And thereby create a lasting impression in the high-end world of fashion, beauty, lifestyle or entertainment.

Your Media Liaison activities can take advantage of:

•   Media Relations
•   Speaker Placement
•   Article creation and contribution
•   Interview arrangement
    (With attendant articles and case studies)
•   On-going PR opportunities
•   Corporate responsibility activities
•   Editorial Calendar Development

Media Liaison Image
Corporate Social Responsibility forms an integral part of Grace & Garbo. It is a discipline of on-going generosity which is encouraged throughout our own company, our client's companies and all of our campaigns.